Give your kitchen a beautiful modern look with polished concrete



POLISHED CONCRETE is also known as POLISHED CEMENT and MICROCEMENT, and is a very good choice for kitchen worktops or furniture due to it's very hard wearing qualities and stunning look. You could either opt for a

  • highly polished  modern concrete look
  • old style concrete, or perhaps
  • polished concrete with a cloudy effect


... for your kitchen walls you could use

  • Polished Venetian Plaster,
  • Marmorino or
  • Lustro.  
These are the perfect choice for  interior  design wall finish, and very suitable for  splash backs ,


  • Microcement is fully waterproof, and can be used for all surfaces: worktops, furniture, walls, and floors.
  • Polished Plaster and Tadelakt are both water resistant, but not waterproof. They absorb water, and being a natural material this is fine. They can be cleaned as normal and will not affect the durability of the finish. Sometimes Gueorgui is asked to seal this finish in order to make it fully waterproof, but he will not do this as it spoils the natural finish, and the plaster is then unable to breathe.
  • You will never need to paint Polished Plaster and Tadelakt . They will look natural and beautiful either polished ,slightly polished or not polished  at all.  In the long term they are a very economic solution as they require very little maintenance over time, such as rewaxing or resealing.



Here at Natural Plastering, we boast decades of experience in plastering kitchens for both domestic and commercial projects. We have worked with numerous clients and have the experience and the depth of knowledge to understand your project needs and deliver what you want, in the most professional manner. Whether you are looking for a lime plaster with a rustic touch or a luxurious sheen, we have many options for you to choose from, and will deliver it with a high quality finish.

A Makeover for Your Kitchen by the Best Plastering Service in Town

Your kitchen should have a design that matches the interior décor of the rest of the house, while giving you the ease and flexibility of using low-maintenance worktops, flooring, plastering on walls and ceiling. Natural Plastering services uses techniques mastered over the years to provide the best solution for your kitchen decor. With us, you can rest assured that your project will be handles only by the top notch experts in the industry. In addition to this, we provide a fully insured service for your peace of mind. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality results on time, every time. Once you have made the choice in colours, textures and materials that you want, you won’t have to worry about anything else—we will take care of it.

Kitchen Plaster Solutions

We offer different solutions for worktops and walls:

Kitchen Worktops

Your kitchen worktops are the place where the most action takes place. It faces harsh conditions, and needs to be cleaned off quite often. In order to ensure that your worktop stays polished and squeaky clean for a long time without having ungainly marks on the surface, you need a durable material for this. At Natural Plastering, we offer two solutions for kitchen worktops: Polished concrete/ Polished cement (water resistant) Microcement (waterproof) Both these choices are highly durable, resistant to wear and tear, and have a beautiful finish. Not to mention, you have a wide range of design options to choose from! For a sleek, urban kitchen, you could go for a highly polished modern concrete look, for a more traditional or bohemian touch, you could choose old style concrete, or if you want a different texture, polished concrete with a cloudy effect can be a viable option for you. Important Note: Polished plaster is not completely waterproof, but you can easily clean it. Gueorgui avoids sealing it for waterproofing because it ruins the natural finish, and the plaster is unable to breathe. However, because this natural finish is low maintenance, it will retain its look for a long time.

Kitchen Walls

Your kitchen walls, especially those nearest to the stove, are subject to splashes of oil or other food particles. To have them wiped clean in a matter of time, choose a plaster that allows you to do that. Natural Plastering offers three different solutions for kitchen walls: Polished Venetian Plaster Marmorino Lustro All these three plasters serve as the ideal choice for kitchen walls as they offer you ease in cleanups if any splashes occur.

Colour Chart

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